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Alexandra Levits Water Cooler Wisdom How the Latitude Assessment Changed My Life in Reverse

Alexandra Levit's Water Cooler Wisdom How the Latitude Assessment Changed My Life â€" in Reverse College career counselors often ask me to recommend assessments, which is kind of funny I never took any kind of test to inform the decision about a major or a career. I’d taken AP psychology in high school and did well in it, and so I picked that. I didn’t take a test when I graduated from Northwestern University either. I just knew that pursuing psychology would take at least four more years of school, and I wasn’t having any of that. I wanted to go into the business world right away, and since I wasn’t trained to do much, I landed in an entry-level public relations job at a large agency in New York City. Fifteen years later, I received the opportunity to take YouScience’s two-hour online assessment, Latitude. Essentially, Latitude uncovers what you’re wired to do well and why. The assessment’s series of five to 12 minute exercises reveal 14 of the aptitudes most important to college and career plus the types of work you’ll find most satisfying. My Results Latitude provided me with loads of meaty material as well as a summary that included these highlights: When it comes to idea generation, I’m a brainstormer. I’m able to come up with multiple examples when describing something or with multiple activities to engage in. I’m also an investigator. This means that I enjoy acquiring new information and learning how facts influence each other. My high sequential reasoning ability lets me automatically shuffle and organize large amounts of information in my head and easily organize my thoughts and learned information in a methodical way. Halfway between introverted and extroverted, I work best when I have a balance between collaborating with others and focusing on my area of expertise. I’m equally comfortable leading and following depending on the situation. Well, that explains why I always confused the Myers-Briggs folks! Because I like to advise others and am apparently good at it, Latitude recommended that I pursue the fields of psychology, training and development, and communications. Guess what? That’s pretty much how I’ve spent the last 20 years. Latitude: Definitely Better Late Than Never My career evolution was a happy accident, hitting all of the areas of natural strength that Latitude identified. But my life would have been much easier if I had taken Latitude sooner. I would have been able to make more confident, better informed decisions about areas of study and careers. Due to the assessment’s uncanny accuracy, I might have ended up in the same place â€" but I wouldn’t have had to rely on fate to get there. Understanding why I am the way I am â€" why I find certain tasks invigorating and others frustrating, is helping me to even further hone my career aspirations. My career probably has a good 30+ years left and I’m going to be glad to have Latitude as a partner every step of the way.

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Resume Writing Workshop Near Me - Where Should I Look?

Resume Writing Workshop Near Me - Where Should I Look?What would you do if you were to try and find a resume writing workshop near me? It would be nice if it was easy to get there, but sadly this is not the case.There are numerous choices for traveling within your home town. Some may have a physical space where people can go and read, others may just offer online courses that give you some materials to work with. It is up to you to decide which workshop you want to take part in.You should also realize that there are workshops out there that will help you build your resume without having to spend any money on it. You can pick up these free materials from the Internet or buy a guide that covers every aspect of your resume. The guides will cost a little bit more, but they are well worth it.Some people like the idea of trying out free materials before investing a dime into them. If you have any degree of computer savvy then you may just be able to fix the information on your own. You wil l be surprised how quickly you learn how to do something when you are doing it for the first time.One thing you need to consider about any workshop is whether or not they offer you the chance to test out a portion of your material. If they are going to hold you to a strict schedule, then you should be able to get the same experience as other participants.When choosing a workshop, you should do a bit of research first. Look for those that have good reviews online. You want to make sure that you are not wasting your time attending a workshop that you have not been satisfied with.The last thing to consider when choosing a free workshop is the length of time that it takes for you to complete the course. It is always best to sign up for a shorter course so that you can work on your resume while it is still fresh. You do not want to waste your time and efforts just to complete a longer course.Finding a resume writing workshop near me is easy. Just take the time to consider all the options available to you, and take your time to make the right decision.

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Personal Branding Magazine Issue 11 Seth Godin Interview Preview - Personal Branding Blog - Stand Out In Your Career

Personal Branding Magazine Issue 11 Seth Godin Interview Preview - Personal Branding Blog - Stand Out In Your Career For the February issue of Personal Branding Magazine, Seth Godin will grace the cover, with an exclusive and lengthy interview I conducted with him about his new book, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable. Out of all his bestselling books, this one is the closest related to personal branding because it focuses on becoming indispensable, meaning that people need your expertise in order to be successful.   Ive wanted to interview Seth for about two years now, so Im really excited to give you a sneak preview of the interview below.   Seth is also holding a blog ring for his book promotion, which Im part of, along with fellow author, Daniel Pink. To see other blog interviews in the ring go to: Subscribe to Personal Branding Magazine and receive the full interview (as well as a lot more) on February 1st! Why do you say that everyone is a genius? What prevents people from unleashing their inner genius? Well Dan, let me ask you “when you were four years old, did you ever do something that no one had done before, did you ever solve a problem in an interesting way, did you ever say anything that made people take notice’? You probably did that when you were six or eight but by the time you were ten, society started drilling into you that you were average or that you should be average so we baked it out of most people. I think we can define genius as solving a problem in a new and original way. Every one of us is capable of solving some problem somewhere in a new and original way and we have to put our mind on doing it if we think it’s important. Aside from just doing your job every day, what value do you put on building relationships with coworkers? Well, I’m wondering if the relationships with co-workers is your job. If you do something that can be done by a machine, then really soon it’s going to be done with a machine. If you do something that can be done for a quarter of the price by someone in Bangalore, then what are you doing that can’t be done by those alternatives. And the answer is building a tribe, creating a network, doing art, contributing emotional labor, being culturally sensitive to the work that you do and the people you work with. Those things make you irreplaceable and indispensable and the good news is that you don’t have to go to school to learn them, you just have to decide to do them. Can you explain the lizard brain and why it prevents you from being successful? Steven Pressfield wrote about the resistance. The resistance is caused by the lizard brain, the amygdala, the prehistoric brain stem, the part of the brain that a chicken and lizard has, the part of your brain that wants you to fit in, not get made fun of or laughed at, the part of your brain that’s in charge of revenge, anger and survival. You should never let your lizard brain make important decisions. It’s the lizard brain that gets you to quit a project at the exact wrong moment. The opportunity that you have over time is to conquer the resistance by understanding why the lizard brain is why it is and soothing it to the point where it ignores the stuff that’s coming up and let’s you do the important work. Now my blog, every single day I write something and every single day the lizard brain shows up and says “maybe you shouldn’t write that” and as soon as the lizard brain says that I know I’m onto something and I write even more on that topic. Random question: Why do you have your face on some books and not others? The act of choosing a cover for a book is challenging and fascinating and random. We did more than 150 covers for this book and one of the covers that I liked was me holding a chicken, a rubber chicken cause they are memorable and funny. I thought this book was serious enough that it deserved a cover that stuck with people. And I thought the book, more than anything else I’ve written, is not about me at all. It’s about thinking about who you are. As a result, I wanted to pick your picture on the cover Dan, but that would have meant printing a different cover for everybody and that would have been difficult. Seth Godin is the author of Linchpin: Are You Indispensable, as well as the bestselling author of Tribes, The Dip, Purple Cow, All Marketers Are Liars, Permission Marketing, and other international bestsellers that have changed the way business people think and act.   Hes the most influential business blogger in the world and consistently one of the twenty-five most widely read bloggers in the English language.   Hes also the founder and CEO of and a very popular speaker. He was recently chosen as one of 21 Speakers for the Next Century by Successful Meetings and The Prime Minister of Permission Marketing by Promo Magazine. Seth was founder and CEO of Yoyodyne, the industrys leading interactive direct marketing company, which Yahoo! acquired in late 1998. He holds an MBA from Stanford, and was called the Ultimate Entrepreneur for the Information Age by Business Week.

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Three Ridiculously Easy Tips to Defeat Perfectionism - Personal Branding Blog - Stand Out In Your Career

Three Ridiculously Easy Tips to Defeat Perfectionism - Personal Branding Blog - Stand Out In Your Career If you are like most of us, you are doing more with less. Most businesses take pride in the ever increasing productivity of workers. Bosses often pile on too much work to too few people. Solo-entrepreneurs over-commit themselves. And, pretty much everyone is sleep-deprived, caffeine and sugar-high, or otherwise brain drained by the habits we rely on to keep us going. So how can you manage a pile of projects, your social media commitments, and have time for Scandal? Plus get some time to see your friends and family, walk your dog, eat right, workout, sleep enough and occasionally chill! The simple way to satisfying the taskmaster â€" your boss or yourself â€" is to drop the perfectionism. Highly productive people who live satisfying and successful lives seem to share the same philosophy. It can be summed up as: Focus on the outcome. Consider the time and resources available. Embrace the traits of swift and simple as tenets of your personal brand. Enjoy life. In my research on work behavior, I’ve identified three different types of perfectionist work styles. While you might have obvious signs of perfectionism, some perfectionist behaviors are sneaky. Which of these might apply to you? The “Everything Matters!” perfectionists These folks give everything the same priority: top notch! They live by a much repeated and truly debilitating adage: “If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” That’s simply not true. Why scrub empty milk cartons before placing them in the recycling, when a simple rinse will do the trick? Don’t take more time creating the perfect Netflix watch list than you do watching movies. TIP #1: Make a list of everything you could do poorly, without sacrificing health, wealth and your personal brand at work. Then enjoy the extra sleep, creative time, and just doing nothing once in a while. The “Chicken Little” perfectionists Often called micromanagers, these people are sure the sky will come crashing down, if they don’t have everything they need in advance and everything in place in case anything goes wrong. They suffer from a lack of basic awareness that humans are inherently good problem-solvers. They also ignore that the 24-hour gas station minimart has a pretty good substitute for whatever you’re missing. TIP #2: Make a list, check it twice and then be nice to yourself.   The Queen of England eats breakfast cereal out of a Tupperware bowl. Give yourself the joy of spontaneous inspiration, when you get to source a wealth of substitutes because something is missing or the plan needs tweaking on-the-spot. The “Too Much, Too Tired” perfectionists Whenever you see clutter on the desk, the office floor, the bathroom at home, or in the car, handbag or briefcase, you pretty much have the most insidious perfectionism at hand. These folks are so overwhelmed by the stacks, piles and most importantly good intentions to do the world’s greatest job at work and home, they get very little accomplished. The same is true with the overfilled calendar, because they’ve said yes to too much. TIP #3: Get a good friend to un-pile your life. As you clean up, have a heart to heart discussion about what really matters. Then organize your time and life around those priorities. Block off a full hour each day to throw away your mess and reorganize your space, so you can keep calm and be proud of what you do accomplish. Do you feel like you’re breaking your back, losing your mind or otherwise suffering from an unmanageable workload? Let me know the number one thing that’s really important for you to do perfectly, and five things you can choose to do more swiftly and simply. I’ll be your accountability partner. Email me at Subject line: Perfect.

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Police Chief Resume Writing Tips

Police Chief Resume Writing TipsWriting a resume for a police chief job is often one of the most important parts of the job search. With the demand for officers soaring, it is in the best interest of job seekers to prepare a well-crafted resume. A properly written resume is more likely to be read by employers and then considered than a poorly written resume.In order to write a well-crafted resume for a police chief job, one needs to know how to structure a resume properly. Making sure that the format of a resume fits a particular job description is the most important part of the process.When you are looking for a job in the police force, your resume is your ticket to getting noticed. The resume is the first thing that a potential employer will see when he or she looks at your application. Therefore, the content of your resume is vitally important. Having a well-written resume makes the difference between getting an interview or being passed over.In order to write a resume that will g et you hired, you need to realize that resumes should tell a story. The main purpose of the resume is to tell employers what you can do for them. If your resume tells them that you are a jerk, they will dismiss you as soon as you go to the interview. If your resume tells them that you can do everything they want to do, they will keep you on the top of their list until you leave.Although you may have a lot of experience in doing police work, if you do not have a great writing style, your resume will not be looked upon favorably when it comes to applying for a police chief job. Even though you may have the skills necessary to be a successful police officer, you will still need to use your skills to tell employers what you can do for them. If you do not tell employers what you can do, they will pass you by.It is imperative that you know how to format a resume properly in order to be a strong candidate for a police chief job. For starters, you will need to make sure that you utilize bul let points. This is a technique where you group similar things together to make your resume easier to read. This is one of the many techniques you can use to avoid clutter on your resume.When writing bullet points, you want to make sure that you are clear and concise. You also want to avoid overly-complicated language as this can make it harder to read. It is okay to use 'strong'strongly' when describing your achievements, but you do not want to use them too much. Keep it to the point.When writing a resume for a police chief job, make sure that you include enough information about yourself so that employers can easily determine whether or not you are a good fit for the job. Make sure that you have your basic qualifications covered, but do not neglect the details. If you do, you will be better off than if you had included everything but not the details.

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Is Your LinkedIn Profile an Opportunity Magnet - Career Pivot

Is Your LinkedIn Profile an Opportunity Magnet - Career Pivot Opportunity Magnet Is your LinkedIn profile an opportunity magnet? Remember that a magnet both attracts and repulses iron. You want your LinkedIn profile to attract desirable opportunities, as well as repulse opportunities that are of no interest. Those are a waste of time to pursue! As you construct your LinkedIn profile, you need to be very clear on the kind of opportunities you wish to attract. I want to give you two examples: first, how this client attracted only the opportunities he wanted, and second, how another client located her opportunities by using the same strategies. Opportunity Magnet in a Niche Market When you work in a nicheâ€"or narrowâ€"market there are usually not a lot of job opportunities. I have a client who has a niche Ph.D. in the K-12 and higher education market. He wanted to get out of this specialty and, instead, to move into a human resources role, utilizing much of the same skill set. Previously, I wrote that, when you are operating in a small or niche marketplace, it is just like selling a niche product like a vintage Fiat. Many people may not be interested, but you only need one buyer. We branded him as a “data photographer.” This brought a few opportunities, but nothing concrete. He complained that the brand phrasing in his LinkedIn profile was not attracting enough traffic. I told him to wait and give it time. Within a month, he had an interview and was told how they “just loved” this phrasing. It was just what they were looking for. The position was for a company working in the human resources space. His profile was a magnetâ€"not for many opportunitiesâ€"but for the right ones. Listen to the most recent episode As it turns out, the company decided not to fill the position but contacted my client a few months later with another opportunity. He was offered the job after a fairly painless interview process. When you are making a pivot into a new profession or industry, you will not necessarily attract a lot of suitors. You just want to attract the right one that will hire you for the right job. For More:Managing Your Career is Like Selling a Vintage Fiat Finding the Magnet in a Niche Market I am working with a lady who has a Ph.D. in mathematics. She wants to break into a very specific niche of the pharmaceutical market. She has done something similar in the past but was struggling to find people who were doing exactly what she wanted to do. But…she knew they existed. We found some marketing collateralfrom a pharmaceutical consulting company and researched it for vocabulary. We found three very unusual, or niche, terms used consistently in this material. We searched LinkedIn for profiles who used these terms andâ€"BINGO! We found hundreds of individuals who used these terms in their profiles. They were working in the area that my client wanted to work. Much to my surprise, one of the individuals was someone I helped several years earlier. I then contacted him and made an introduction. Since that time, my client found an individual who basically had the same educational background as her, who had also made a pivot into this niche profession. Now, she has someone who has walked the trail before her. This person is acting like a sherpa for my client, introducing her to people and giving her guidance. All of this was possible by finding the right terms to use in her LinkedIn profile and searching for others in these industries. My client just needed to find the right key to her magnet. For More:Anatomy of a Passive Candidate’s LinkedIn Profile The Law of Attraction According to the Wikipedia: The law of attraction is the name given to the maxim “like attracts like” which in New Thought philosophy is used, to sum up, the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.[1][2] This belief is based on the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from “pure energy”, and the belief that like energy attracts like energy. It is all about finding which things will attract opportunities to you AND find the key to what others are using to attract opportunities to themselves. What is your magnet? Marc Miller Like what you just read? Share it with your friends using the buttons above. Like What You Read? Get Career Pivot Insights! Check out the Repurpose Your Career Podcast Do You Need Help With ...

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Careers in Design - Space Planning - CareerAlley

Careers in Design - Space Planning - CareerAlley We may receive compensation when you click on links to products from our partners. Almost any office space, large or small, requires that Space Designers (also known as Interior Designers)ensure that interior spaces functional, safe, appeal to staff and clients. Although there are many factors that go into keeping staff and clients happy, the foundation starts with a great first impression and well-designed office space. When newor existing customers visit an office, what they see and experience will be a huge determining factor in whether they want to do business going forward. Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash So, how do Space Designers create space that delivers the right message to clients and staff? When clients walk into an office, what will they see? If space unkempt, disorganized, and has minimal resources, it will send a message to clients that the brand or design is unprofessional. What Interior Designers do Interior designers help make interior spaces (office and home) functional and safeby understanding space requirements and selecting lighting, furniture and other items that will meet the design specifications or client requirements. Space Designers can read blueprints, understand building codes and sometimes coordinate securing permits. They will work with building inspectors and ensure that they work conforms withlocal building regulations, as well as universal accessibility standards. Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash How to Become an Interior Designer Most Interior Design positions require a bachelors degree as well as a concentration in drawing, computer-aided design, and planning coursework. Depending on the location, Interior Designers may be required to be certified or obtain a license. Internships during college will help, as will joining local and national industry groups. Interior Designer Skills Requirements Planning SkillsProblem SolvingGreat Computer SkillsUnderstand local codes AutoCad SkillsCreativityExcellent Communications SkillsUnderstand current trends Client ServiceColor BasicsHarmony and BalanceTeam Work Time ManagementResourcefulnessOrganizedManage expectations Great presentation skillsProfessionalizmBusiness ManagementBudgeting skills Understand Your Clients Needs Building functional office space for clients that fit their needs is key to your success. Try to provide your clients with a space that provides value. Having amenities such as an office water dispenser, coffee, and tea, as well as light refreshments can make a lasting first impression. Being able to satisfy something as simple as a dry throat or a rumbling belly as they conduct business (without having to pay for it), is considered a bonus in their eyes. For your clients who may have clients waiting for a while to be seen, like a doctors office, you can consider building a place for their clients to be entertained. Job Overview What they earn (1) Resources to Get You Started Starting a new career can be overwhelming, but there are plenty of resources for you to leverage; Colleges to consider The Best Interior Design Degrees from Books to Read How to Draw Furniture, How to Start and Operate your own interior design business to name just a few. Find a Job: Try an experienced favorite Monster.comorCreative Jobs Central. Employment for Interior Designers to 2019 is expected to grow strongly. Employment in this medium-sized occupation (10 800 in November 2014) rose very strongly in the past five years and in the long-term (ten years). Over the five years to November 2019, the number of job openings for Interior Designers is expected to be below average (between 5,001 and 10,000). Job openings can arise from employment growth and people leaving the occupation. Things You Should Consider Like all career changes, make sure you understand some of the basics. Such as: Interior Decorators are not Interior Designers. Your education and the skills mentioned earlier will set you apart from decorators who dont always have the schooling or skills. You must like working with people. This is a hands-on career where you will be working with people every day (and helping them spend their money). You must enjoy working with people (even the difficult ones). We wrote earlier about knowing and understanding local codes and zoning laws. If you enjoy this, then this is the right career for you. If not, move on. One More Thing No matter what your career, perception is everything. Being an interior designer involves regular face-to-face communication with your clients, you have to go a step further to make a good impression. You will need to hone your client service skills so that clients feel welcomed, comfortable, and persuaded to do business with you in the future. When youre in the creative industry, you should get creative with your resume. For instance, if youre a graphic designer, your resume should reflect that visually. Your resume is your first impression. Tweet This You will need to convince them that you are an expert indesigning an office space that meets their needs. Then, seal the deal by providing outstanding service with impeccable results. What's next? Ready to take action? Choose the right tools to help you build your career. Looking for related topics? Find out how to find the opportunities that help you grow your best career. Subscribe and make meaningful progress on your career. It’s about time you focused on your career. Get Educated Contact Us Advertise Copyright 2020 CareerAlley. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy + Disclosure home popular resources subscribe search

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Finding the Right Recruiter

Finding the Right Recruiter You would think that with all of the career resources online and in bookstores, job hunting would be easy. Just read a few how-to books, follow the directions found online and you should have a new job in no time. Unfortunately, that is not how it works. If it were really that easy, there would be no need for recruiters. Recruiters match people with jobs. They have many of the same skills as career counselors and career coaches. However, many recruiters will only work with you if you and your resume can make them money. You do not need to pay a recruiter to help you find a job; the company that hires you will do that. However, you must have the skill sets that the recruiter is looking for in order for that person to spend time marketing you and preparing you for interviews. So what kind of recruiter is the right recruiter? Find a recruiter who is knowledgeable in your career field and who has networking contacts in the company or association for which you want to work. A good recruiter will find out what you are looking for and can tell you whether or not you are qualified and will be hired in that field. The right recruiter will be dedicated to finding you another position if the first one you accepted does not work out. Sometimes the fit between the job and the employee is just not right, and it is not always evident to all the parties involved: employer, recruiter or employee. You want a recruiter who will check in with you once you have accepted a job and are working to find out how the job is going. The easiest way to find a recruiter is to check out online recruiter resources. You can also ask friends, colleagues and family members for recommendations of suitable recruiters. However, you need to remember that a recruiter who is suitable for one person may not be the right one for you.

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How to Submit Your Resume to YouTube

How to Submit Your Resume to YouTubeIf you have one, you can definitely think of the best and cheapest way to submit your resume to popular job portals YouTube and Resume YouTube. We all know that these are two of the top search engines when it comes to job search. These job portals can help your resume to be seen by millions of people and the result will be getting hired. Here is how you can accomplish this.To submit your resume to YouTube, you need to create a YouTube account. This is simple as long as you have a YouTube account already. If you don't, you can register a free YouTube account. Also, make sure you use your real name instead of your business name so it will look official. You can also pay for YouTube if you want.Once you have logged in your YouTube account, you can now click on the 'subscribe' button. All you need to do now is to put the URL of your resume along with the subject and keywords. The videos will automatically open. But there are many things that you can do .You can upload it directly from YouTube by clicking the video link that the site gives you. There are other ways to do this, but this is by far the easiest. Just click the 'add to playlist' button to add your video to the playlist.Next, you can add a title to your resume. But, make sure it is relevant. Use as much creativity as you can so you can make it interesting and appealing. After it is done, just put it in the resume.When it is finished, you can then upload it to YouTube. Again, you need to select the correct resume link. Then you can submit it to the list and wait for the results. One more tip is that you can always check the feedback of your resume on YouTube. This will let you know how the viewers felt about your resume and what they liked and disliked. In the end, it will give you a better idea about what to improve on.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Uber Drivers Get Pandora Music Streaming on Rides

Uber Drivers Get Pandora Music Streaming on Rides Ride-hailing giant Uber is integrating online radio station Pandora into its app for drivers for easy listening on trips, the companies announced on Monday. The deal gives Uber a new perk to dangle to drivers and strengthens Pandora’s presence in the key automotive market. The program begins Monday in the United States, Australia and New Zealand, the countries in which Pandora operates, and will be offered without ads for the first six months. The move puts Pandora front and center for Uber’s 450,000 active drivers in the United States. Read More: Uber Drivers Would Have Earned $730 Million More as Employees Uber has been revamping its music experience for drivers and passengers. It already has a deal with popular music streaming service Spotify to allow passengers to select music to play during rides, and the company is preparing to re-launch that program with Pandora offered as another option for passengers. Uber said it overhauled its app for drivers last year, making it easier to integrate third parties such as Pandora. Read More: Millennials Want Peace and Quiet at Work, Not Free Snacks Most of Pandora’s audience listens to the service for free with ads, but the Oakland, California-based company is preparing to launch an on-demand service. Pandora will retain data about the music drivers listen to during trips, the company said.

Friday, April 10, 2020

6 Principles for Reaching Your Ultimate Career Potential (Part 1) - Work It Daily

6 Principles for Reaching Your Ultimate Career Potential (Part 1) - Work It Daily Career advancement can be, and often is, a broad and diverse topic. Depending on one's desires and current career stage, career advancement means different things to different people. Whether you are feeling unsure of what to do next, overwhelmed from working too hard and not getting ahead fast enough or, are an outstanding success and want to get to a higher level, there are six key principles to help you. These principles are based on behaviors and basic practices that will distinguish you amongst others and also keep you in control of how to chart your own career advancement. They comprise what is known as the Bridge Model. This model provides you with key concepts to take control, and bridge the gap between where you are today and your highest potential. The first three bridge principles are as follows: 1. Build Your Base Your base is your foundation of your career growth and it should be in place as you begin charting your course. Doing things such as beginning with the end in mind, finding out what skills, exposure and experience you need to reach your ultimate potential and assessing your willingness to do what it takes are key concepts contained in this principle. Also, you should build solid relationships with your key stakeholders (people who have a say in your next career move) so that they can support your advancement. Do you know who your key stakeholders are? If not, take time to find out and then take inventory on how solid your foundational relationships are with these people. Take the necessary steps to improve and maintain these relationships. 2. Respond Responsibly This principle is about being in charge of your communication and how you are responding to other people. Are you aware of how you sound when communicating? Is it aggressive? Passive? Or, is it confident and self-assured? (Hopefully it is self assured and confident!) Ensuring you are a confident communicator and you are not reacting but instead, responding with forethought, are key concepts that help you advance your career. Individuals who advance are those who are strong communicators. They are thoughtful and articulate. They do not react and they consider the best vehicle to use when communicating. For example, they use phone or face-to-face communication when personal touches are needed. They use e-mail or text messages when less personal interactions are required. Respond responsibly. Think before speaking. Be a strong communicator and you will get ahead. 3. Influence Impeccably To influence impeccably is to have positive impact on the people you are influencing, their goals and objectives. It is to know who, what, when and how to exert your influence. If you want to stand out as someone deserving career advancement, you want to learn the art and skill of influence. Doing things such as knowing your audience well, climate setting with them to gain their support, and speaking their language are essential influencing skills. Strong influencers get ahead because they know how to motivate others and sway them in the direction that is beneficial for all. Practicing these first three of the six principles for career advancement will start you down your path of reaching your ultimate career potential. Stay tuned for the next article that will cover principle's 4, 5, 6 of the Bridge Model on your career advancement! Read more » articles by this approved expert | Click here » if you’re a career expert Photo credit: Shutterstock Have you joined our career growth club?Join Us Today!

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Which Skills to Put on Your Resume - Jobscan Blog

Which Skills to Put on Your Resume - Jobscan BlogPosted on December 10, 2015October 31, 2018 by James Hu At the core of every job hunt is the same thing a resume. As a job seeker, one of the fruchtwein powerful things you can do foryour job search is tocreate an outstanding resume. A well-crafted resume will garner mora interviews, making you much more likely to find your dream job. But what distinguishes your resume from the rest? Knowing which content and skills to put on your resume.No matter how well-formatted your resume is, a recruiter or hiring manager will toss it aside in favor of a resume that features the skills they are seeking. While searching for a new position, remember that only relevant skills actually matter. Use these tips to determine the most important skills for resume success.Hard skills vs. soft skillsEmployers first look for hard skills when assessing a resume. Soft skills usually come into play during the later stages of the job searchduring phone screens an d interviews.To identify hard skills versus soft skills, consider which skills can be quantified. Hard skills can typically be quantified while soft skills cannot. Typing speed or knowledge of a programming language can be reliably tested, while teamwork or patience are harder to assess. Soft skills tend to be subjective, while hard skills can be objectively identified.Job seekers should focus on incorporating hard skills into their resume. A resume for a software development engineer should include the specific languages they know (i.e. Java, C++, Python), which methodologies theyve used for project management (scrum, agile, waterfall, etc.), and the context in which theyve used them.Only list skills that you actually possess, and could demonstrate if asked.Hard skills will get your foot in the door for a phone screen or interview, at which point you can show off your soft skills.Full article Hard skills vs soft skillsKey accomplishments and metricsAccomplishments and metrics go ha nd in hand with skills. Employers want to see that you can take your skills and turn them into results. Highlighting pastaccomplishments shows that you understand how to use your skills to further company objectives. Incorporate accomplishments into your resume to prove your value.Numbers provide the credibility you need to back up your accomplishments. Common measurables include time, growth, money, client base, and more. Prove to potential employers that you can provide value by expressing your accomplishments using metrics.If youre an SEO account manager with a large agency, for example, focus on what youve delivered. Maybe you grew site traffic by 20 percent more than you had predicted for a major account. Focus your accomplishments on the big picture.What have youdone beyond your day-to-day responsibilities? Have you helped fulfill a company mission, decreased costs, or increased efficiency? Try to tie skills you possess to accomplishments youve had in your previous positions. Using your skills for resume metrics will make you stand out from the crowd of job seekers who only list their responsibilities.Industry-specific tools and lingoEmployers want to see demonstratedknowledge of their field, including common tools, technologies, and terminology. Candidates with existing knowledge of the industry usually require less training and ramp-up time.When writing your resume, include key tools and programs youve used in previous jobs, especially if youre continuing in the same or a similar industry. If you are a social media specialist hoping to make a lateral move, mention that you used Buffer for social media automation at one position but Hootsuite at another to conveyyour working knowledge of both tools. Listing related skills can also be useful. You might find, for example, an employer who was hoping for someone with knowledge of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising but is willing to accept experience in a different bedeutungsbestandteil (search engine marketing ) capacity. Recruiters not finding the right candidates may run searches for industry keywords or similar skills to capture more candidates. Always make sure you provide context about how you learned and used specific tools.Tailor your skills to the roleA good resume gives a potential employer a strong sense of yourHard and technical skillsAbility to use your skills to meet goals and contribute to the companyKnowledge of the industry, including specific toolsA great resume does all of the above plus tailors it to a specific role. Choosing skills for resume success can make a tremendous difference. You want your skills to be a seamless match.Tailor your resume keywords to the job description, including the information most relevant to the role. Prioritize your resume to align with the employers must-have skills.To see how well you have tailored your resume for a specific role, compare your resume to the job description using Jobscans resume analysis tool. Youll get instant, personali zed feedback on what you have done well, and where you can make improvements.Paying close attention to which skills you include on your resume, and how you back them up, can take your resume from good to greatand make you a much stronger candidate every time.Facebook Commentswpdevar_comment_1 span,wpdevar_comment_1 iframewidth100% important

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The 5-Minute Rule for Margins on a Resume

The 5-Minute Rule for Margins on a Resume You might also compose a two-page resume if youre in a field that demands technical skills. The duration of your resume ought to depend on your experience and the kind of job that youre seeking. Generally, the left side of your resume should contain the most essential data, such as your job title, previous employers, achievements and duties. Resumes should be customized for each position. Microsoft delivers free resume templates it is possible to use as inspiration to begin. The conventional document margins in conjunction with the default font settings limit the amount of characters youll be able to fit in one line of text to about 90 at the maximum. When deciding what font to use for your resume, remember that it needs to be clear and simple to read. There are quite a lot of fonts for you to pick from, and that could make selecting a font for your resume equally as challenging as writing it. As important as a strong handshake in the interview, your capacity to show you can format a user-friendly resume thats simple to navigate is not only going to help you land work, it could be the reason you become noticed in the very first location. You can begin making a list of all of the responsibilities you had. Whether youre looking for your very first job or attempting to earn a career change, the procedure starts with your resume. The best method to approach a resume is to use it in order to convey your top strengths. Ruthless Margins on a Resume Strategies Exploited When you accomplish your one-page resume, leave the margins since they are. Though margins would continue to be acceptable when varied by tenths of a point, it may be problematic for an amateur resume writer to genuinely understand whats acceptable in the business, thus its recommended for them to adhere to the standard. Your margins may be a bit too tiny. Small margins alongside your small font size may make your resume very hard to read. Left-aligned text is significantly less difficult to read as the left edge of a paragraph always marks the start of the following line. Margins should not ever be less than one-half inch to avert a cluttered appearance. Something as trivial as resume margins might look like a tedious and nagging issue to need to take into consideration when youre attempting to locate a job, but the aesthetic look of your resume is nearly as important its contents. The Hidden Gem of Margins on a Resume Aligning a resumes is a rather straightforward procedure, as its usually left-aligned and is how most individuals would read text. They use single-line spacing for the full body content, including the header elements of your contact information. There are many different strategies to format your resume. You should adhere to the exact saatkorn format throughout your resume.

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How Do I Video InterviewRecently Fired Job Seekers

How Do I Video InterviewRecently Fired Job SeekersEvery candidate comes with their own set of unique interviewing challenges. Thats why were tackling how to video interview different types of job seekers with this how to series. Today well be talking about how to connect with a recently fired job seeker in the video interview. Is this job seeker all wrong for your position because another company cut them loose? Or are they exactly the talent your company needs?In todays tough economic landscape, where 7.9 percent of Americans are currently unemployed, there are more candidates than ever before hitting the job search after a firing. While companies may traditionally shy away from fired candidates, this practice could result in losing out on the talent you need to move your company forward and improve your corporate culture.So how can you tell the difference in the video interview between a fired job seeker who will fit like a glove into your corporate culture and a fired job seeker w ho will be nothing but trouble? It all comes down to how your candidate answers the big question Why were you fired?Here are some things to look for when your job seeker answers this big question in the video interviewGood Candidate Explains Honestly and ClearlyYou want to know the truth and nothing but the truth when it comes to why your candidate was cut loose from their last position. Candidates who try to duck the question arent the kind of honest job seekers who will become employees with integrity. You want candidates who impress you with their ability to quickly, clearly, and honestly answer why they were given a pink slip.To ensure the candidate is being honest with you in the video interview, youll probably want to do a little follow-up. If the candidate has authorized you to call their last place of employment, give them a ring and see if you can confirm the story. If youre able to confirm the two stories match, then your candidate will likely be an honest and reliable wor ker.Bad Candidate Blames OthersYou want a candidate who will blend seamlessly into your corporate culture and bring value to your organization. Job seekers who use the video interview as an outlet to shift blame for their firing onto others likely arent very good team players.You need someone in your organization who will work well with others and take responsibility for their own actions. If your job seeker cant own their behavior, hiring them is a good way to ruin your hard-won corporate culture.Good Candidate Explains What Theyve LearnedEvery storm cloud comes with a silver lining, and good employees can learn from even their biggest mistakes. If your candidate sees their firing as a learning opportunity and potential for growth, this is a good sign.In the workplace, everyone is bound to make a few mistakes. What separates good and bad employees is the ability to learn from these errors so theyre not repeated again.Bad Candidate Is DefensiveBeing fired is tough on any candidate, but you want employees ready to move forward and grow in their careers. Candidates who are overly defensive about their firing have clearly not moved on from this slight. More importantly, theyre unable to take responsibility for their own actions. You need a job seeker ready to move on to the next big career challenge, not someone deckenfries in the past.Before hiring a recently fired candidate, use the video interview to determine whether this candidate has learned from the experience and whether they will have a positive or negative impact on your corporate culture. Being fired isnt the end of the world, and it shouldnt be the end of the line for talented job seekers interested in your open positions.What are some ways you evaluate recently fired job seekers in the video interview? Share in the comments