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Presidential Management Fellows Applications Must Be Completed By Nov. 26

Presidential Management Fellows Applications Must Be Completed By Nov. 26 Presidential Management Fellows Applications Must Be Completed By Nov. 26 Presidential Management Fellows Applications Must Be Completed By Nov. 26 From Nov. 5 until Nov. 26, 2012 (Closing date extended), the Presidential Management Fellows application for the program’s Class of 2013 will be posted on   The entire initial application process, including submission of all necessary documents, must be completed by November 26. The Office of Personnel Management’s PMF program is designed to attract to the federal  service outstanding men and women from a variety of academic disciplines and career paths who have a clear interest in, and commitment to, excellence in the leadership and management of public policies and programs. By drawing graduate students and recent recipients of advanced degrees from diverse social and cultural backgrounds, the PMF program provides a continuing source of trained men and women to meet the future challenges of public service. Presidential Management Fellows, who serve for two years in a federal role that aligns with their graduate studies, go on to a very broad range of careers in public service or the private sector. Compensation Participants who are placed in a PMF position are compensated; they receive the full salary and benefits of a federal employee, in the GS-9 to GS-12 range. Some Presidential Management Fellows also receive student loan repayment of up to $10,000 per year and $60,000 in total. Here are key points to help prospective PMFs prepare for the initial application, which is to be completed online, beginning Nov. 5. Those who are considering applying should also review PMF Assessment Process and the very detailed PMF Assessment Preparation Guide before Nov. 5. Stay up-to-date on the Class of 2013 program by signing up for the PMF Listserv. Who Is Eligible for the PMF Program? You are eligible to apply for the PMF Class of 2013 if you will have completed all requirements for a graduate degree in any discipline by Aug. 31, 2013, or if you obtained your advanced degree no more than 2 years before the opening date of the announcement for the Class of 2013 application. See the PMF web site for more details on eligibility and other aspects of the program. Further Qualifications Although applicants are students or recent graduates, many have extensive experience in public administration, technology, science, health, human resources, business, and financial management. The Office of Personnel Management will assess each candidate’s interpersonal skills, oral and written communications, problem-solving skills, adaptability, integrity and motivation to serve. The Selection Process The initial application to the PMF program is a ten-step process. After the initial application period, if you score sufficiently high on the on-line assessment, are found eligible, and your application is complete, you will be deemed a semi-finalist and invited to the in-person assessment. Then, if you are selected as a finalist, youll be eligible to be appointed to a participating federal agency in a PMF position sometime in the next year for a two-year term. If you dont get the application right, you wont get to those next steps, and youll miss the chance to join the PMF Class of 2013. Tips for Preparing Your Federal PMF Resume Begin your preparations now to apply for the Class of 2013 by studying the list of PMF jobs currently in the Projected Positions System and the much broader roster of PMF position titles. Choose a target agency from the 2012 PMF agency list or look up the OPM classification standards for a specific job title.  Target your resume toward a specific agency or position. Draft your two- or three-page federal resume offline in advance of the Nov. 5 to Nov. 19 application period. Include details about significant courses, papers and projects, including the title of your thesis and a short description of your thesis objectives, research strategies and presentation. Include details of relevant internships or employment. Omit irrelevant work experience. Include computer skills, software and programs; international travel and workshops; avid volunteer activities and sports. Refer to the sample resumes in the Students Federal Career Guide, which is available via Kindle and eBook. These samples will help with expanding your competencies, knowledge, skills and abilities in your resume. Apply Online to Be a PMF Come Nov. 5, find the PMF application by searching USAJOBS on “Presidential Management Fellows.” You’ll need to set up your USAJOBS account and profile, upload documents, build your resume online from the draft you’ve written, fill out a questionnaire, write brief essays, and more. The application is extensive; set aside a full day to get it done. Be sure to complete the application by the deadline of Nov. 19. You’ll then wait to hear whether you’ve been selected for the semifinal round and an in-person interview. If you interview and are selected as a finalist, you may then apply to a federal agency for an appointment to a specific position as a PMF. Agencies will have access to your resume and may also reach out to you to encourage you to apply for a position.

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